Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd are an independent cleaning company. We have been delivering a quality multi sector & specialist cleaning services 24 hours a day since 2008. In addition we have a vast online store selling many cleaning products & equipment to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

The project has been success in all aspects of safety, quality, budget and time.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the Greensquare Homes for your assistance in the successful delivery of the above development. The project has been success in all aspects of safety, quality, budget and time.

The Project has received positive comments from the Project Management team, new and existing residents, Councillors, the local press and the HCA, to which I must extend the praise.

Once again thank you, and I will look forward to working with you on our next project.

Ian, Site Manager

ATC is worth every penny. A brilliant team!

A very thorough and professional job on this 3 bed house with conservatory and garage. Ashlea, Rachel, James and Richard arrived early (!) in a new and clean (good impression!) van, and worked assiduously through the next 6 hours. The result has been a complete transformation – ‘you get what you pay for’…….and, given this experience, ATC is worth every penny. A brilliant team! Many thanks for such prompt and effective service

Mr G P

Quick, efficient and reliable service for our urgent deep clean.

Quick, efficient and reliable service for our urgent deep clean. The carpets looked and smelt amazing! Thank you so much.

Janet Urban, Headteacher

The staff are always in uniform and smart, polite and have worked quietly

We are pleased to recommend Around The Clock Cleaning Services to other prospective clients.

They have always arrived on the day and time as promised. The standard of cleaning has been very efficient even the most awkward areas have been cleaned. Sinks and toilets have been left sparkling. They have taken a flexible approach in areas where staff cannot be interrupted from their work. Their charges are competitive and excellent value for money.

The staff are always in uniform and smart, polite and have worked quietly and caused little disruption.

They have cleaned the school to a high standard and with meticulous attention to detail

I employed Around The Clock Cleaning Services to undertake a deep clean across the school.

I would be happy to recommend the company to prospective clients. The staff have always been pleasant and smartly dressed, even at the end of a long day cleaning. They have cleaned the school to a high standard and with meticulous attention to detail.

Their work has been carefully planned, but flexible enough to accommodate unexpected occupation of areas to be cleaned. Their time keeping has been excellent and their charges have been excellent value for money.

Thank you so much for doing an absolutely brilliant job

Chris has just rang to say that the march out went beautifully. Not just that, he said that it is the best professional clean he has ever seen in 30 years of moving around with the RAF.

The private rented house we moved into had been cleaned, apparently, but Chris wishes it had been as clean as our old house this morning!

Thank you so much for doing an absolutely brilliant job, we will be back in touch when we move next time.

It really is amazing what they do!

Thank you again to Frank, Donna and Team. I contacted ATC Cleaning after having a ridiculous quote from one of the other approved MOD pre-payment scheme companies for my march out.

Frank immediately put me at ease by explaining his extensive experience in the march out field and quoted me HALF of what the ‘official’ MOD company had asked me for! Frank and his Team knew exactly what to do to bring the house up to standard.

Easily arranged a date and time and voila, no hassles. Frank even attends the march out in case there are any cleaning problems. Oven – Done, limescale – Gone! Carpets given life again! It really is amazing what they do!

I cannot praise this company highly enough; if you need to take the stress out of marching out from your quarter in the Lyneham/Brize/Swindon area then ATC Cleaning is your answer! Thank you again. I am recommending you to all my friends and colleagues!

This company is sensitive, respectful and thorough

After a succession of bad luck events, a flood, loss of job, depression, my flat had become a health hazard. Not only would an ordinary cleaning routine or a one off blitz by myself not make a dent in the mass of clutter, junk and rubbish I had acquired – the task seemed too overwhelming to contemplate. So, for 3 years I used the only coping mechanism I could and totally zoned out. I avoided family, friend, got used to answering the door to postmen and shutting it super-quick behind me. I lived a life of hidden shame. Im in a ground floor flat and felt it necessary to keep windows and curtains closed to prevent anyone seeing the sign that the intelligent professional young woman I can be, also lived in squalor.

After coming in to a couple of hundred quid I decided to face my shame and get it sorted. I trundled through Google – I wanted someone who knew what they were getting themselves into. Seeing ATC did crime clear ups, I thought id give them a try. It took all my courage to call up.

The owner of the company was so kind, and put my mind at ease, he said his family had experience of depression and reassured me enough to book.
D-day came and I had a massive panic attack and could not face the shame of letting in the cleaners and them seeing my place, in their presence. I called up and explained that I would leave the keys and went to work like a cat on a hot tin roof.

All day I could not relax, I felt sick, I felt shamed. I fully expected an email or call to say sorry, this job is far too big you filthy human being. No such call arrived.
I come home… And I was too scared to open the door. My space had been invaded. I called up a close confident (who did not know the extent of the science experiment id been living in) but who thought id booked a ‘spring clean’. I walked in… And burst into tears. All I could say was ‘oh my god oh my god’. My poor friend didn’t know if this was good or terrible!

My flat had been taken back to how it was when I viewed it. My items, some of which I had not seen for months even years, had been saved and displayed and the trash put out. The floors which were deep in dirt… were clean. The back had been broken. The space seemed enormous. I called ATC to thank them and ended up speaking for over half an hour.

I write this review a few months later when I can truly say this was the best thing ive ever done. I can socialise, have home maintenance done (jobs which had been put off for 3yrs as I was so embarrassed). This company is sensitive, respectful and thorough. I did not feel invaded after I returned, I felt like magical elves had put my life back together.

I will be using the company again for spring cleaning. I never want to go back to how things were but this exercise as taught me if you need help – ask. There are some gems out there.

A big thank you to Frank & the team!

I gained access to my property via a court bailiff & locksmith at the end of June 2014.

My disrespectful evicted tenants really trashed my house, fortunately the Locksmith recommended Frank at ‘Around the Clock cleaning services’ to help.

Frank was able to get a team together at very short notice & bring the house up to a better condition than when I first rented it.

As well as cleaning all cupboards, doors, deep kitchen & bathroom clean, they also cleaned the windows, carpets & walls!

Thanks to Frank I was able to get the house from a disaster area to a desirable property in a matter of days.

The work he did in 2 days would have take me a month at least.

My house went on the market last week & I’ve just accepted an offer, this could not have happened with ‘around the clock cleaning services’.